Together, We Can End Extreme Poverty
By: Bikes 4 Life
Jan 11, 2015

A family in Mozambique saved up for 3 years to buy a roof for their house.

Then they saved up for another 2 years for a bike.

“If I get a bicycle, I’ll be so happy…because a house without a bicycle is not a home.”

If anyone has 1hr to spare, please watch this very important documentary about world population growth by the very eccentric Professor Hans Rosling.

He displays an important graph which, depicts the wealth gaps of the world population. Each golden person represents 1 billion and in this world today we have 7 billion people on this planet. We have 1 billion of the population who comfortably earn at least $100 per day, then we have the middle billions of people who make at least $10 a day then we have the poorest billion of people who make $1 a day.

They are classed as Extreme Poverty, defined as struggling to provide food for your family.


The poorest people can hardly afford shoes but one essential tool to lift your family out of extreme poverty is to acquire a bicycle. Everything is faster and there is less man power to get from point A to point B, freeing up valuable time to prepare for other activities such as farming, getting water, attending school etc. From the developing world to the developed world we can see the next stages of progression is to earn enough money to acquire a motorbike/motorscooter then a car then finally earn enough money to fly and/or simply to have options

One interesting point Professor Hans Rosling points out is that when people who earn $100 per day look down on the people who make $10 or $1 a day, they may think it’s the same level of poverty. However, if you are in the Extreme Poverty pocket of people and you look up to the billions of people who earn $10 a day, it is a remarkable difference in their quality of life.

Whenever and wherever we can, Bikes 4 Life will continue to lift people out of Extreme Poverty.
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