By: Sara Roe
Nov 23, 2015

In May this year we packed a container with 180 bikes for our partner, Water for Africa.

Our container arrived in Tanzania 2 weeks ago, and since then Water for Africa and their dedicated team of volunteers, have been busy working with their in-country NGO to distribute these bikes to the most needy.  Water for Africa have told us that they can’t express enough the gratitude they received from the people and the stories they heard about how these bikes will help change their lives for the better.

They were gifted to:

HIV patients who were walking up to 15 kms to collect their medication, they will now use the bikes to help collect meds for many of the people in their village too.

Home care workers working for Foxes’ Ngo who were looking after many people in their region, the elderly, people suffering from difference diseases and HIV patients. They were currently walking long distances these bikes will enable them to help so many more people.

Students who were walking many kms to school and small vulnerable children who have lost both parents.

The distribution continues….we truly love partnering together, it’s only together we can make a real impacting difference.

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