Bikes 4 Life’s Aspires to:
By: Bikes 4 Life
Mar 1, 2014

  • Provide the tools, skills and equipment for survival and socio-economic development.
  • Create an awareness of unreported global humanitarian issues.
  • Assist economic and social development by opening up opportunities for self-dependency and sustainability for victims of war and those in a cycle of poverty.
  • Lead by example and inspire positive social action within the wider community.
  • Establish micro-finance opportunities for victims of poverty and war through the implementation of training workshops & vocational training bike programs.
  • Heal the trauma brought on by conflict and poverty.
  • Create awareness and partnerships with organizations who share our vision and who are committed to working towards our goals.
  • Ease the suffering of neglected people through gifts that heal & empower.
  • Provide bicycles to as many communities, organisations, schools, families & individuals as possible.