By: Sara Roe
Jan 19, 2016

Not long now before our 2016 major fundraiser is underway!  We have teamed up with 25000 Spins – a fantastic event where riders travel 300kms of dramatic seascapes and beautiful bushland along the incredible Great Ocean Road to raise money for their selected charity.  The tour begins in Geelong, Victoria and ends in Warnambool and we have six awesome people signed up, riding to raise funds for Bikes 4 Life!

Daniel Brown is one rider who has chosen to fundraise for Bikes 4 Life.  We asked Dan why he chose Bikes 4 Life … “Because I had previously seen a documentary following a family in rural Africa saving up to buy a bicycle, and seeing the difference it made to them when they finally got it. Such a simple thing, but a profound difference.

I didn’t know about Bikes 4 Life before signing up for the Great Ocean Road Challenge, but when I was looking at the options for which charity to support and learned more about what you do, it was the obvious choice for me”

Bikes 4 Life would sincerely like to thank Dan for helping raise money and our profile during this great event.

Check out Dan’s Go Fundraise Page – any help for Dan would be greatly appreciated!

Another Bikes 4 Life favourite and regular supporter is Adeena Gerding and her teddy bear Teddy Teddison!


Adeena and Ted will also be riding to raise money for Bikes 4 Life! For this week 25000spins has agreed to match every cent raised (up to $500) which is awesome and most appreciated!

Visit Adeena’s Go Fundraise Page

Check out the 25000 Spins promo video for the ride and we hope you follow our journey!

Thank you to EVERYONE for supporting Bikes 4 Life!